Meet Our Partners

Premium Benefit Planning believes in best of breed approach not only to its products and solutions but to its partners as well.

We currently have very strong relationships with the following companies:

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P & C Insurance

Accounting/CPA Firms

Life, Disability and Term Insurance

We work with a few different brokers that we would love to recommend. Please gives us a call or send us an email request.

looking for a new CPA, just ask we have created a number of strong relationships over the years to assist our clients

Need assistance with Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-term Care, as well 401(k) planning and Defined Benefit Planning

We have a strategic partnership with Compupay and have a long standing relationship with them for the past few years.

Looking for ways to reduce your Utilities? We are now working with a few select ESCO Consultants to help our clients reduce these costs.

Looking to reduce your CC transaction costs, let us know and we can give you some options

Payroll Administration

Gas and Electric Analysis

Credit Card Processing