Carrier & Plan Options

We represent the client but have created relationships with all the carriers in the marketplace so that we can present all options available when looking for a plan.We also leverage these relationship during troubleshooting times to expedite a quick response and resolution.

Implementation & Renewal

We provide on-site onboarding of all employees for new groups during both the initail enrollment and annually for the Renewal of the Plan. From Review of the Plans Designs and Benefits to completion of the Enrollment forms. We are here to help. We also provide the Summary of Benefit Coverage to all new employees.

Customer Service

We assist the Group Benefit Administrator with all types of needs:

  • Adding Employees
  • Terminating Employees
  • Changes in status, dependents, or address
  • Billing and Invoice Discrepancies
  • Provide any and all Forms that a client needs
  • Cobra Billing and Administration